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Admissions at GGT

If you are considering a move to Gulu or checking out educational opportunities in the area, we are thankful you have considered us.  Our educational cooperative has a unique educational program, so we want to ensure we are a good fit for your family. We encourage you to set up a tour to learn more about GGT. This page has most of the information you will need for admissions, some frequently asked questions and the application forms.

Admission Guidelines

GGT values each child as a unique person made in God's image. In our admissions and educational programs, we do not discriminate on the basis of national or ethnic origin, religion or faith background, gender, age, race, colour or disability; however, Gulu Globetrotters (GGT) is selective in its admissions. Our Admission Committee’s decisions are based on the guidelines listed below, which have been set by GGT’s Board of Directors:

  • We prioritize families that are likely to support their child(ren)’s learning from home and participate in the life and operations of GGT. We depend on parental involvement at all levels.

  • We prioritize hardworking students who demonstrate characteristics that contribute to academic success and desire to participate in a rigorous curriculum with high levels of student engagement and participation.

  • We prioritize students whose academic, social and behavioural needs can be adequately addressed.

  • We prioritize Affiliate Members and full-time missionary families. Read more about Affiliate Membership on our Fee Structures page. 

Admission Steps

1. Visit

Please set up an appointment to visit GGT by calling or emailing us. Visiting is not required, but it is highly suggested when circumstances permit.

2. Apply

Complete an application packet and submit it in person or by email.

3. Assessment

Short-listed applicants take a comprehensive assessment, which costs 50,000 UGX per child. In the event that the Admissions Committee has a concern about the child’s English proficiency, a child will be required to take an English proficiency test at the family’s expense.

4. Decision

Reports from previous schools, GGT's comprehensive admission test, and an interview with the student and/or family are considered by the Admission Committee in their decision-making process. To be considered for February intake, we begin fielding applications in November of the previous term.

5. Confirmation

Parents must confirm their child’s enrollment within 2 weeks of notification of admission. 

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If you have any questions, please reach out by phone at +256-773855361 or email at and we would be happy to walk you through our admission process.

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