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Who We Are

Gulu Globetrotters Educational Services (GGT) is located in Gulu as Northern Uganda’s only parent-led educational cooperative. Our parents and teachers work together to develop confident and compassionate individuals with a global worldview nurtured through high-quality, holistic education infused with Kingdom Values. We are comprised of local and international families providing an alternative to the educational options currently available in Gulu. We started in June 2017, with three families and five children participating in a home-school cooperative using a British home-school curriculum. We had one teacher and a classroom assistant. We have since grown to offer a full educational program based on a curriculum that is a mixture of British, Australian and American content and assessments. It prepares pupils to transition to international schools overseas as needed. GGT offers a unique child-centred learning approach for Ugandan and international families, and pupils are engaged in hands-on and interactive lessons. Small learning groups help teachers build relationships with pupils and support their spiritual, academic, and social-emotional growth.  

Our learning groups range from Early Years/ Kindergarten (ages 2-5 years) to primary classes up to UK's Year 7/USA’s Grade 6 (ages 6 years and above). Our academic calendar begins in early February and has three terms, each of which lasts approximately 13 weeks. Each term includes a half-term break (3 days) and a full-term break (2 or more weeks).

Active parent and staff participation in the breadth of GGT’s activities is a crucial part of strengthening relationships with colleagues, students, and parents and building a collaborative community. The directors and the board organise and shape staff meetings, parent-teacher meetings and general assemblies, in addition to focusing on the professional development of the staff.

Our Diversity

We are a multicultural institution. We currently serve approximately 80 students from 40+ families. Families from 15 nations are participating or have previously participated in learning groups at Gulu Globetrotters. Nations represented in the Gulu Globetrotters community include the following: Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, United States of America, Canada, Australia, Germany, Finland, Mauritius, Madagascar, England (UK), Ethiopia, Italy, Spain and Türkiye.

Our Vision

At Gulu Globetrotters we envision the development of confident and compassionate individuals with a global worldview nurtured through high-quality, holistic education infused with Kingdom Values. 

Our Mission

The forefront of Gulu Globetrotters is creating a thriving community equally accessible to national and international children. We create an environment of safety, nurture, social development, self-actualization, academic excellence, and rounded experiential learning to see our children achieve their God-given potential. With small class sizes and parent involvement from our culturally diverse community, each child gets a unique educational experience. We work towards every child leaving Globetrotters enabled to live adaptively anywhere in the world and moreover to contribute positively to the world around them. We aim to root our community in Kingdom Values, raising thriving children who are good neighbours, confident, compassionate, faithful, slow to anger and rich in love. We foster an inclusive environment of non-discrimination based on race, country of origin, religion, age, gender, ability, socio-economic status, or any human conditions while ensuring all children, members and employees are shown Christ’s love. 

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