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Children, parents and teachers being checked in.
  • Are you a School?
    No. We are not a school. We are a parent-led, educational cooperative.
  • Do you have Classes?
    We do not have typical classes. We have learning groups, which are organized according to the age and demonstrated ability of students. We often have composite learning groups (students from multiple grade levels work and learn together) for literacy, science and geography/history courses; however, maths is taught in single grade level learning groups.
  • What curriculum do you use?
    We use a blend of American, Australian and British curricula to best serve the needs of our students.
  • Are you a religious organisation?
    Yes. GGT was founded by Christian families desiring to provide their children with a high-quality, holistic education infused with Kingdom Values. Our staff members are believers in Jesus and all instruction is reflective of the Christian ethos of the organisation. We expect students to participate in Biblical studies; however, we welcome and respect families and students with other religious preferences.
  • Do you currently have vacancies?
    Several learning groups are currently full. The enrolment process for new students begins in November for the new academic year, which begins in February.
  • Can students join mid-year?
    If space is available and admission criteria are met, students are welcome to join mid-year.
  • What is the maximum size of your learning groups?
    We prefer to have no more than 12-14 students per learning group, and our early years and lower primary learning groups have multiple teachers per group.
  • Do you admit and support students with special needs?
    We prioritize students whose academic, social and behavioural needs can be adequately addressed; therefore, student applicants with special needs are considered on a case-by-case basis. Often, the school leadership will recommend an assessment from an expert consultant, which is an additional expense for the family. Regular evaluation will occur of the child’s academic, social and behavioural progress, in addition to GGT’s ability to adequately meet the child’s needs.
  • Do you offer transportation for students?
    No. Each family is responsible for the drop-off and pick-up of its child(ren). Late pick-up results in a fine.
  • Is boarding available?
    Boarding is not offered, as the nature of our educational cooperative requires much family support and involvement.
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