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Reflective of the diverse nationalities of our students, our academic programs are comprised of a blend of international curriculums and standards that enable us to provide a high-quality, holistic education infused with Kingdom Values. We use a variety of assessments in our learning groups to promote student learning and measure improvement, as opposed to simply giving grades (or marks). We use a combination of informal and teacher-created assessments to help us monitor learning during instruction.


We use externally created unit tests and standardized tests to determine if student performance aligns to curriculum or grade-level standards. We evaluate our academic program on a yearly basis and make changes as needed to ensure we are meeting the needs of our diverse student population and enabling them to achieve their God-given potential. With small class sizes and parent involvement from our culturally diverse community, we offer a unique educational experience for each child that will help them to live adaptively anywhere in the world.


GGT strives to foster a love of reading in its students from a young age. Regular reading assessments help us identify areas of growth and gaps in performance. Our reading program provides each student with personalized instruction from teachers and encourages daily

reading at home, under the family’s supervision.


Students engage in interactive activities while they learn about the world around them. Our classes offer hands-on experiments, problem-solving activities, and exploratory lessons. 


Students are taught how to write stories and paragraphs through creative writing projects. Our classes focus on using correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and dialogue. Persuasive writing, poetry, story writing, and fictional stories are all writing styles that are taught at GGT through our international curriculum.


For history and geography, we use the American curriculum, The Story of the World, an integrated approach to teaching the history of the whole world.


Students engage in interactive learning as they master math skills. Each child is placed in a class that matches their ability level and they progress to the next level when they have mastered those needed skills. Our math program includes speed drills, math games, problem solving, and in-depth assessments.

Physical Education

Students participate in physical activity during break and lunch each day, as well as in after-school clubs and weekly PE lessons. Students play games such as soccer, handball, cricket, and catch. Students learn game techniques and practice good sportsmanship during competitive games. 

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Biblical Studies

In Biblical studies, we desire to help students gain foundational Bible knowledge and skills while creating a safe space for spiritual conversations. In our Christ-centred approach, we study the grand narrative of Scripture and encourage children to love God, love others and to be doers of Truth.

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