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How It All Began

The story of GGT traces back to 2017 when three dedicated Christian couples - Joe and Lois Ovenden, Tim and Linda Darby, and Jimmy and Phionah Okello - embarked on a journey to revolutionize education for their six children (two from each family) in Gulu. Frustrated with the limited options available, they felt compelled to find a better solution. Although none of them were education professionals, their determination led them to initiate action.


Their modest beginnings saw the utilization of a spare room at Tim and Linda's house as a makeshift classroom, and they adapted a personalized homeschooling curriculum for their children. This initial model, designed for one-on-one instruction, soon evolved into a larger class format, with the founding parents stepping up as volunteers. By the close of 2017, the first professional teacher, Lindsey, was recruited. She admirably managed a multi-level class and received invaluable support from the original families.


From the outset, a key tenet of GGT's vision was parental involvement. This ethos not only fostered a culture of engaged parents but also cultivated a community of like-minded individuals who shared a deep commitment to their children's education, transcending conventional classroom boundaries.


Over time, GGT experienced a remarkable evolution into its current manifestation: a parent-led educational cooperative. Along this journey, several significant milestones marked the organization's growth:


2017: GGT's inception with three families and six children in total. 

2018: The pivotal hiring of the first teacher, Lindsey. 

2019: Transition from operating within Tim and Linda's premises to renting space at Our Call Mission in Laliya.

2020: The challenging year of the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting GGT to adapt by moving between locations - from Laliya to The Look Out, and even venturing into online instruction.

2021: Amid ongoing pandemic restrictions, GGT found a temporary home in Senior Quarters.

2022: A significant step forward as GGT settled into a purpose-built facility in Agwe, offering improved infrastructure and learning environments.

2023: A year of unprecedented growth, witnessing GGT's expansion to encompass 50 families, serving 80 children. This progress was supported by a team of 12 teachers and 8 staff members.


In a span of a few years, GGT's humble origins as a response to unsatisfactory educational options transformed into a thriving cooperative driven by passionate parents. Through dedication, resourcefulness, and a steadfast commitment to quality education, GGT's founders and supporters have created a dynamic educational institution that has and will continue to, impact the lives of many.

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